How To Become A Famous Singer

how to become a famous singerThe ” we begin with doe ray me” is very cliched and of course not anywhere near the truth, if we really want to learn how to become a famous singer it’s probably because we have been dreaming about it since we were very young.

Most of us have day dreams about being famous in some way or another, rich and famous must be the most thought about day dreamed item on the planet in every language and every culture so dreaming of how to be a famous singer is not new.

Only if we stop dreaming and start taking action will we become a success, no one does anything without investing in themselves, investing time and effort is a good beginning to see just how we can convert dreams to reality.
We all know the sayings about taking action about the first step on our journey, now we need to look long and hard at the road and decide will, we start the journey?

If we say yes, then this brings us to the first step to success, now we need to make sure that we know exactly how to become a famous singer.

STEP 1. How To become a Famous Singer

Stop dreaming and start doing, this is not something that happens overnight, there are lots of TV shows now where you can go along and audition and with some luck get a crack at it. Well yes and no, if you listen carefully and look closely at this situation you will see that often times the performer is given advice which goes along the road of your not ready yet come back in a year or so. This is not good as the chance has gone and very often this “failure” follows the contestant and the result is we never see or hear from these individuals again.

The most successful and famous singer who came from a talent show would in my view be Leona Lewis, but Leona did not arrive at the audition raw she had some experience and had already made an attempt to break through, she used the show as a marketing tool not as a training tool.

So we need to start looking at our options and start to formulate our plan. Taking this first step to action is only the beginning of getting all the critical information we need to take decisions which will determine the future.

Step 2 How to Become a Famous Singer

The Beginning, as we have now committed to doing something rather than just spend our time dreaming, we need to start taking ourselves very seriously. Firstly we need to move away from the joking about singing for family or friends, we need to stop talking about what we are going to do and start to quietly formulate our goals.

Let’s face it most of our family and friends will tease and joke whilst many will be negative and this negative energy will drag you down.
Do not attempt to reason or explain to the Nay Sayers and negativity spreaders, remove them from this part of your life let them be friends but not confidants.

We need to think about what we need to succeed, do we need some coaching will we benefit from learning to breathe properly, we are not going to learn how to become a famous singer by not ensuring we give ourselves the best possible start. If you watch x factor you will know that the contestants who are taken to the live shows all work with professional vocal coaches and others who can help them to improve and grow.

Taking action is not quite as easy as it sounds and having committed we may decide to set a timescale, this will help us to keep our focus and make sure we keep moving forward on our journey.

how to become a famous singerStep 3 How to Become a Famous Singer

Find your Niche, yes perhaps you can sing all styles, maybe you are the very next Linda Ronstadt but you need to focus on a genre and develop your depth within this genre.

Why we do this is often record companies are looking for a specific type of singer to help balance the range within the company’s portfolio. So if they have a great female soul singer they might not want another one. However chances are another record company will want a great soul singer to challenge this singer.

Most however don’t look for that great singer who can do everything, they are looking at market segments and certain types and groups of fans or the way they look at it buyers.

Many go on to develop wider audiences but most will start being seen as a particular type of singer.

If you writes songs you will probably find a similarity in style any way so that’s covered that. If you are going to do covers then look at that one song where you can hush your family and friends where you can bring a tear to the eye or a big smile on the face.

This is the song and genre you want to start with, this is where you should consider developing your talent and moving forward.

You should start to practice and get as many of these songs down to perfect as you can, maybe once you are comfortable you can arrange them to suit you, even taking a well known song and changing the tempo can make an impact. How many times have you heard a popular song slowed down or speed up and you were hooked.

Step 4 How to Become a Famous Singer

Getting some experience, is now critical, many performers suffer form stage fright and massive nerves before a performance.

Perhaps we start a you tube channel which will allow us to showcase our talent without having to also overcome the nerves of performing live in front of a crowd, of course there is no way we can know how to become a famous singer without going live at some point and this should be our aim now.

Many will join a band, there are lots of bands who often need a singer and they may do weddings etc, Sheena Easton who won one of the first ever talent contests in the UK went on to have a few hits and her own Vegas show, but for years she was in a band which performed at weddings etc and gained a lot of experience from this.

This stage is all about practice and fine tuning your voice, getting those arrangements to suit your style, taking those classics and making them your own, having a good number of songs you can perform at a given time with little or no notice.

how to become a famous singerStep 5 How to Become a Famous Singer

The final stage is all about the transition from dreamer to professional, now is the time when you learn to be a professional, you have heard the term, well what does it mean and how do you ensure you are seen as a professional.

Firstly turn up as and when scheduled, secondly accept all and any criticism, you will get the odd bitching so learn to take it analyze it and move on. Good criticism is the same accept it learn from it and move on.

Rejection is common, many of the successful acts on talent shows started off by being seen as failures elsewhere. Many will have obtained record contracts and not been able to succeed. They are by far the biggest group of individuals seeking auditions, all with experience and understanding of the situation. Learn to accept rejection this is being professional, learn from it understand why and move forward.

Now we need to be determined and persistent, we all know that we like different things and that’s the same for us all, if one person does not want to sign us that does not mean we are no good, it means they are no good for us.

Look for opportunities to be seen and heard, getting publicity and being seen is now a good idea, it may be local and within your local peers but it is still important.

Networking with other singers groups agents etc is also where we need to be, we need them to know we are looking for opportunities and that we are determined and hungry for success. Be available to stand in for other groups etc and show your willingness to carve out a career.

However never do things just because it seems the right thing to do, being professional means you will always be your best and always give 100% no matter where or when performing.

No one likes the behavior of Divas, famous ones may get away with it while they have a value but newbies trying to get “there” will not and will soon find all roads blocked.

Having laid out your stall you must not get over emotional and you must retain your wits at all times. There are scammers all over the place and someone learning how to be a famous singer will be seen as an easy mark.

If you are made offers make sure they are legitimate, don’t pay for an agent, agents make money when their clients make money so you need one who is going to help you succeed and make you both monies.

Agents come and go in but a good agent wants to sign you because they feel what you are doing and feel that they can fit in be part of it and help you to success.

Finally, remember the journey never ends, it is not a destination to learn how to become a famous singer it is plan to be a famous singer to stay and famous singer and to continue to learn develop and continue to improve.